Preston County is a great place to call home. We have the advantages of being near a major research university, including quality health care at rates 20% below the national average, and access to cutting-edge technology for keeping our businesses and our children competitive. We also have only a short drive to the cultural opportunities found in larger metropolitan areas such as Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Preston County has all the benefits that living in a rural county affords, including reasonably priced homes and land, friendly people, beautiful scenery, and a wealth of recreational opportunities. For 30 years, West Virginia has claimed one of the lowest crime rate in the nation, and Preston County proudly maintains one of the lowest crime rates in West Virginia. People here are honest and hard working.

We are ready to provide you with a welcome home here in Preston County, and we would be happy to host you for a visit. Come and see for yourself why you should locate in Preston County.