Preston County is an excellent location to do business!

Doing business in Preston County brings back memories of a time when local towns and banks invested in area businesses to create jobs and develop the community together. Today, Preston County knows how to make business easier for local businesses, starting with the Preston County  Economic Development Authority (PCEDA). Its primary role is to put people and businesses together to flourish economically in Preston County, WV.

Find Sites & Grow Your Business in Preston County, WV

PCEDA’s vision is to have the best climate and environment possible to attract new businesses to the area and to assist existing businesses, thereby providing job opportunities to meet the economic needs of Preston County residents. PCEDA has the knowledge and experience to deliver that mission, including determining the best local and state incentives and understanding the appropriate community or state resources for each individual business. We can help your business to:

  • Find sites and buildings in Preston County, WV
  • Answer questions about utility availability and capacity in Preston County
  • Provide Preston County workforce data

Together, PCEDA will ensure operating in and relocating to Preston County a successful endeavor!