Achieve Your Goals in Preston County, WV

Preston County businesses have support from all levels of government. Locally, we provide hands-on assistance, leveraging grant funds to build access roads for businesses. At the state level, it’s possible to speak with elected officials and get answers quickly. Combine this high level of service with less regulation and fewer taxes and growing a business becomes a whole lot easier.

Preston County, West Virginia Has Affordable Sites, No Permit Requirements & Strong Workforce 

Doing business in Preston County harkens to a time when banks gave loans to small businesses, local towns supported the companies creating jobs, and neighbors greeted each other with a friendly wave. That’s what it’s like in Preston County. This is the best of what life has to offer - a supportive community, incredible outdoor recreation, a diverse industry base, and access to major east coast markets at a fraction of the price. Contact us to discover how we can help you to achieve your goals in Preston County.