Residents find financial peace of mind in Preston County!

Living in Preston County offers financial advantages to individuals and families alike. According to BestPlaces, Preston County’s Cost of Living is 80.1, compared to 100 for the United States on average. The lower rating indicates Preston County residents’ income goes 20% farther than the rest of the country in terms of purchasing groceries, driving a car or paying household utilities!

Cost of Living Comparison*

Category Preston County West Virginia U.S. Average
Overall 80.1 78.1 100
Housing 41.6 41.7 100
Groceries 97 95.8 100
Transportation 100.7 90.1 100
Utilities 81.1 85.9 100
Health Care 109.2 106 100
Miscellaneous 94.6 95.1 100

*(Data Source:

The leading contributor to the beneficial Cost of Living in Preston County is the costs associated with owning a home. According to BestPlaces, the median home price in Preston County is $117,800, compared to a $291,700 average for the entire country. That advantage is supplemented by an extremely favorable property tax rate of 0.53%, ranked as the fifth-best rate in the country by the Tax Foundation.

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