Preston County Sites Are Affordable & Centrally Located

Businesses looking to relocate or expand find Preston County has a number of historical advantages. A healthy supply of available vacant sites, existing buildings and vibrant industrial parks are located throughout the county, all at refreshingly affordable rates compared to surrounding areas. Most have state-of-the-art infrastructure already installed or nearby, requiring minor installation steps. 

Preston County Sites & Buildings Are Affordable: Cut the Red Tape by Locating Here

All of Preston County’s featured properties are located in close proximity to transportation options that help local businesses reach major East Coast markets in a matter of hours. Further destinations throughout North America are accessible via the world-class highway, rail, air and sea transportation available within the county or nearby. Plus, if you build here, you won't even need a permit!

Finally, existing Preston County businesses in industries such as forest products and government services have benefited from tremendous support from local and state resources, resulting in a high level of dedication with less regulation and fewer taxes. Businesses in a range of industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture and tourism will find this support equally conducive to achieving their goals.

The combination of these advantages means growing a business is a whole lot easier in Preston County - contact us today to learn how that can be true for you!