Develop in Preston County and breathe easier!

Nestled in north central West Virginia just east of Morgantown in the Morgantown Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Preston County offers a number of significant advantages not found elsewhere. Access to major East Coast markets is well within reach at a fraction of the price found in more urban areas. Combined with a supportive community and diverse industry base, Preston County is situated perfectly for your business to achieve success. 

Access to major markets is perhaps the single greatest advantage businesses and residents of Preston County depend on. Interstate 68 passes through the northern section of the county, offering access to Morgantown to the West in 30 minutes and Cumberland, MD to the East. Travelers and freight can reach Pittsburgh in two hours, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Columbus, and Cleveland in three to four hours. That places Preston County within 500 miles of two-thirds of the American and one-third of the Canadian industrial and consumer markets.

Another vital advantage is the supportive community present in Preston County. Businesses can breathe easier with less red tape and fewer overall regulations. For example, Preston County has no zoning, planning, or building code restrictions. Many of the towns within Preston County do have zoning requirements or require a business license to operate there, but the cost of those licenses often are as low as $20.

Preston County Transportation Map

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