Preston County Has the Workforce!

4 Nov 2022


Preston County, WV, has a hard-working and dedicated workforce to fit your business needs! The Preston County Economic Development Authority (PCEDA) can help you connect and find the right employees that your business is looking for! Our county has a skilled workforce with a broad range of experience and education levels to choose from! The PCEDA enjoys matching these dedicated workers with businesses that will value and benefit from their workforce skills!

Preston County Has the Talented Workforce Your Business Needs!

The PCEDA has put together a free online workforce profile, showcasing the demographics of our workforce. These demographics include a breakdown of each industry thriving here, total businesses of each, and how many of our workforce are employed in each industry. This profile also shows in-depth statistics on the educational attainment of our workforce and so much more! Click here to view Preston County’s workforce data and get to know our talent!

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