Local Support and Financial Assistance for Businesses in Preston County, WV

24 Apr 2023


Financial assistance for businesses in Preston County, WV is available through PCEDA. We serve as a backbone of support for small, medium, and large companies in Preston County. We work hard for companies by researching the available grants, loans, and tax credits to ensure you have the financial resources to start or expand your endeavor. New companies can also use these services, and they don’t stop once you move in.

Financial Assistance for Businesses in Preston County, WV through Loans, Grants, and Tax Credits

When you bring your business to Preston County, WV, you qualify for no-cost assistance from an economic development authority focused on providing continued support. Our partnership ensures access to our research on tax credits, loans, and grants. For example, PCEDA has written and/or administered grants totaling almost $200 million for water, sewer, broadband, roads, natural gas, business development, and site work. Contact PCEDA for specifics on ways financial assistance can support your growth. 

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