About Preston County, WV: What Every Family Should Know

31 Jul 2023


We invite you to learn about Preston County, WV - a stunningly beautiful county with immediate access to outdoor recreation, abundant agriculture, land for expansion, and a way of life that most people only dream of. 

Remember when neighbors could borrow a cup of sugar, you knew people in the grocery store, and kids rode their bikes to a friend's house? This mentality and way of life still exist in Preston County, WV. Families here experience a high quality of life, ensuring an active and supportive community and a dedicated and happy workforce.

About Preston County, WV: Quality of Life is Important Here

Life in Preston County, WV, is as diverse as our business. With so many unique communities to choose from, families here create something special for themselves and the generations after. One thing the communities have in common is the focus on small-town, high-quality service, and trustworthiness amongst their residents and organizations. See what Preston County, WV has to offer our families and why so many people continue to build their lives here. 

You can also learn about our history which includes the creation of railroad towns, strong forestry and farming industries, and Aurthdale - the first New Deal community to ever be built. 

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