Housing is Affordable In Preston County, WV

11 Sep 2023


Housing in Preston County, WV is affordable while offering immediate access to the great outdoors. We have heard from new residents that they chose Preston County because of the nature in their backyard - forests, and streams as opposed to fences and parking lots. If your family wants room to spread out, you’ll be joining other West Virginia transplants. In fact, West Virginia is in the top 15 states for growth with a 3.8% growth rate. 

Preston County is also a safe community with good schools. We also have community events, farmer’s markets, local restaurants and cafes, and close proximity to major metropolitan areas like Morgantown, Baltimore, the District of Columbia, and Pittsburgh. This means you can live somewhere quiet, beautiful, safe, and friendly, while being able to attend major sports games and cultural events within two hours (30 minutes if you’re headed to Morgantown).

Housing in Preston, WV Is a Sound and Affordable Investment

Buying a home in Preston County, WV, is an investment in your future. With average home prices at less than half the national average and ultra-low property tax rates, owning a home in Preston, WV, is an attainable dream for many. Find out how Preston, WV, tax rates, and housing rates compare to the rest of the country. You’ll see more reasons why people want to build their life here. 

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