What is the Available Workforce in Preston County, WV Like?

22 May 2023


The workforce in Preston County, WV, often comes from a farming and forestry background - meaning they know how to put in a full day’s work and are incredibly loyal. What characteristics do you look for in an employee? If honesty, loyalty, and hard-working describe your ideal, Preston County, WV, should be at the top of the list for potential business expansions. With a labor force of approximately 15,000 individuals, your business will be poised to hire from this dedicated workforce. 

The Workforce in Preston County, WV, is Honest, Loyal, and Hard-Working

With a workforce of approximately 15,000 individuals, Preston County businesses are at a hiring advantage. Currently, much of this workforce commutes outside of Preston County for work. Where are they going? To their jobs in healthcare, retail, natural resources, and manufacturing. This means your business has an excellent opportunity to hire Preston County residents who want to work closer to home. 

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