PCEDA Has Data on the Workforce in Preston County, WV

12 Jun 2023


Connecting with PCEDA means access to our data about the workforce in Preston County. As a whole, West Virginia is experiencing the fastest rate of workforce growth in its history. From 2020 to 2022, West Virginia added 120,000 employees to the state’s workforce.

With excellent workforce resources and higher education opportunities, the workforce in Preston County is ready to support your business. 

Click here to view data on the workforce in Preston County, WV, including information on:

  • Major employers
  • Higher education
  • Workforce resources
  • Employment

The Workforce in Preston County Can Help Your Business Expand 

Preston County’s workforce has the experience, loyalty, and hard-working ethics to help your business thrive. With many employees commuting for jobs in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, our workforce is poised to find jobs closer to home. Access to advancing their skills through higher education and workforce resources solidifies and strengthens the Preston County, WV workforce. Call or email PCEDA for full data reports on our skilled workforce. 

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