Preston County’s Workforce is Growing: WV in Top 15 States for Growth

21 Aug 2023


Preston County’s workforce is growing along with the rest of the state. West Virginia’s growth rate is 3.8% - in the top 15 states for growth in the U.S.

In addition, Preston County’s workforce is incredibly loyal, offering a nice change for businesses who have been suffering from “Great Resignation” turnover. Because many of our workers have an agricultural background, they know what it takes to stick with the job, to see it through from season to season. They are less inclined to job hop than people who haven’t built reliable and resilient skills. 

In addition, Preston County’s workforce has a variety of educational backgrounds. Many people move here to enjoy the quality of life and access to nature while commuting to larger cities, including Baltimore and the District of Columbia. Trust us - they would rather work close to home. Moving your business here means having access to our diverse workforce and offering them the opportunity to have it all within Preston County - another way to build a loyal workforce. 

Preston County’s Workforce: Trained, Supported, and Ready to Work

In Preston County we are fortunate to have approximately 15,000 individuals known for hard work and dedication. This workforce is trained in healthcare, natural resources, manufacturing, and more. They are supported through various workforce partners as well as access to higher education institutions. What does this mean for you? A quality workforce to support the growth of your business. Contact PCEDA to learn more about our workforce data and resources. 

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