The Advantages of Locating in Preston County, WV

28 Aug 2023


The advantages of locating in Preston County, WV range from an affordable cost of living to access to nature, proximity to major metros and the ability to live in a close-knit safe community. These advantages are some of the reasons West Virginia is among the top 15 states for growth, at a 3.8% growth rate. Personal income has also been growing at 7.5%, the 6th highest growth rate in the U.S.

What does Preston County, WV, offer that other places don’t? The list is long, and it comes down to a quality of life that is central to the residents of Preston County. With lower costs for housing, low-income taxes, world-class outdoor recreation, and a life outside of the busyness of urban life, the advantages of living in Preston County, WV, are as vast as its recreational activities. 

High Quality of Life, Low Cost of Living: The Many Advantages of Life in Preston County, WV. 

Preston County, WV, is a gem in the middle of everything but removed from it all. Residents of Preston County are blessed with lower costs for housing, low property taxes, and communities focused on small-town ethics and values. What’s unique is that they are also privy to a rich history, arts and culture, world-class recreation, and several higher education institutions in close proximity. The advantages of locating in Preston County, WV are many: come see for yourself. 

From a business perspective, we also offer affordable sites, a robust utility network, and financial incentives, and we have no zoning restrictions.

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