Preston County Workforce Has the Lowest Turnover & Access to Training Programs

18 Sep 2023


Preston County workforce has the lowest turnover in the manufacturing industry according to the BLS Industry Report. We also have training programs that can be customized for individual business needs. For example, a manufacturing company can work with our community partners to establish training programs for particular pieces of equipment. A full list of workforce resources can be found here, but the best way to learn about our programs is to contact PCEDA.

Preston County Workforce Programs Provide Ongoing Support and Resources 

A strong workforce requires a strong backbone of support. In Preston County, WV, our workforce has access to workforce partners and programs that provide necessary training to ensure they are thriving in their chosen fields. 

Build your business where your workers are supported, and their personal growth and development is encouraged. In Preston County, WV, we provide the training, support, and resources needed to ensure our workforce is at the forefront of business and technology development. PCEDA never stops working to ensure our workforce is provided with the necessary tools for success. 

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