YNST Magazine Spotlights Appalachian Creatives in #YesWV

21 Jul 2023


Meet Adam Payne, the Editor in Chief of "YNST Magazine." This captivating media outlet aims to bridge the gap between creatives in Appalachia and the rest of the world. In this conversation, Payne sheds light on his motivation behind starting the magazine, the incredible talent he discovered in West Virginia, and the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Adam Payne’s journey with YNST Magazine began during his time at West Virginia University. While there, he witnessed an abundance of exceptionally talented individuals: musicians, theater makers, designers, photographers and dancers. The depth of skill he encountered left him astounded. Payne’s firsthand experience made him question why such incredible talent was not receiving the recognition it deserved.

Read the full article here.

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